The biggest games in 2018

We’re going to take a look at the top 10 most anticipated games of 2018, ranked by how big they are and how many players are expected to have them.

If you’re in the market for a new PlayStation VR headset or an HTC Vive, these are the best.

We’re not talking about a single blockbuster here.

We’re talking about five or six titles, including a few classics, as well as some new IPs.

It’s a tough call, but I would go with The Witness, a first-person shooter that’s been on our radar since it was announced last month.

The first game from the VR developer Cloud Imperium Games, The Witness will offer players a fully-immersive journey into the alien-infested planet of Chum.

It’ll feature a large variety of environments to explore and a fully interactive story that ties in with the game’s other main narrative, the one about a man named Jack Cooper, who is tasked with helping humans navigate the deadly planet.

The player will have to find his way through the various alien settlements and to discover new and exotic creatures.

This is one of the first VR games I’m excited to play, so the fact that it’s so well-received makes me want to see more of this type of immersive storytelling in games.

Cloud Imperium has shown the ability to take advantage of the power of VR for good storytelling, and The Witness does it with style.

It feels very much like an indie title with lots of design and technical freedom.

There’s a lot of promise in this game.

Its exploration and interaction design is superb, and its storytelling is top-notch.

Cloud is working on an episodic episodic game, which will have a bigger focus on the player discovering and exploring the world.

The Witness also boasts a strong online component that will keep players entertained and entertained, as players can play in teams of up to six or seven.

It’s a pretty big deal that this is the first game that Cloud Imperium Studios is working with Oculus on, as Oculus’ Rift hardware has yet to hit the market.

This means that The Witness’s release will come just days after Oculus’ other games, such as ARK: Survival Evolved and Dishonored 2, have already released on Rift.

The first VR game from Cloud Imperium to hit Rift was The Witness in February, so it’s no surprise that the game is looking like it’s going to be a huge hit for the headset.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I think that Oculus is going to launch its next generation VR headset, the Oculus Rift DK2, in October.

I’m not a big Rift fan, but this looks like it could be a big success.

It will offer more immersive VR experiences than its predecessor, and it will be a good place to start.

The price point will also be a hit, with Oculus expected to charge $599 for a pair of the headset, which means the Rift will be an affordable option for VR players.

It won’t be cheap to own, either.

While we’re not expecting to see the Oculus VR headset at launch, we’re hoping to see it in store shelves later this year.