My Best Friend’s Tattoo Was Paid For By the Big Apple’s Bad Ass Tattoo Shop

My best friend has had her first tattoo for $15,000.

It was a custom tattoo that was created specifically for her friend, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It took her two months to create the custom tattoo, and she didn’t get the tattoo until January when she got her daughter for Christmas. 

The tattoo cost her nearly $15k, according to her.

“It was the coolest thing,” she said. 

But what exactly is Type 1 diabetes? 

According to the Mayo Clinic, Type 1 is the most common genetic disorder in the U.S. In a nutshell, Type I diabetes is a type of diabetes that is diagnosed in people with a genetic predisposition to diabetes, such as having a family history of diabetes.

Type 1 affects about 2.3 million people in the United States, according a Mayo Clinic website. 

Type 1 diabetes affects about a quarter of adults, according the Mayo website.

The condition is more common in African Americans and those with a family member with the disease. 

“This is something that has really impacted me, as an African American,” said Kayla Gee, who has Type 1.

“I’m not ashamed of it.” 

Gee said her parents were diagnosed with the condition when they were in their early 20s. 

She said that her parents also had type 2 diabetes. 

Gees family has had Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes since the age of 14. 

When she was in high school, her mom had Type 2 and her dad had Type I. “[My parents] were really good at managing it, so it wasn’t that bad for them,” she added. 

That’s when Kayla started looking into different options, including a tattoo. 

Now, her mother is trying to get her daughter one of her own, which is something her mother said was “absolutely a dream come true.” 

“I just feel blessed,” said Gee. 

After her mom got a tattoo, Kayla was excited about getting a custom design.

“It was something I didn’t even think about,” she told MTV News. 

Kayla’s mom said that she and her friend went to a local tattoo parlor in New York and got a custom made design.

She said that the owner took it home and told her it was going to be a $20k tattoo.

“When you see somebody get that kind of money, you can’t help but be really happy,” she explained. 

So, she and Kayla put their names and addresses on a form that said they wanted to get the custom design made. 

Her mom said the tattoo shop was super helpful and she was able to get their money back. 

According the website, the tattoo was done by a tattoo artist from Brooklyn who said that he or she was paid $10,000 to $20,000 per design. 

It’s not clear if the artist was paid by Kayla or the tattoo studio, but Gee said the amount was very high. 

At first, Kayle wanted to pay for the custom work herself, but she had to pay a company to get it done.

“My mom really, really pushed for it,” she admitted.

“My mom was super upset and really upset that I couldn’t get it, and I couldn´t help it.” 

 Kayla said she was initially nervous about getting the tattoo, but it didn’t take long for her to get a tattoo done and was happy about the end result. 

“(The tattoo) was a blessing for me,” she noted.

“And it was very special to have a family that’s with you and to have your loved ones around.”

Kayla is excited to get another tattoo and is looking forward to getting another one next year. 

(Photo: Kayla’s mother, Shannon Gee) “Hopefully I’ll get a lot more in the future,” she continued.

“The last thing I want to do is let my friends down.

But, I’m really happy with the outcome and it’s a blessing to have my mom around.”