How to tell if a food product is contaminated with faeces and faecal matter

Food products must meet strict guidelines on ingredients, cooking methods, packaging, and labeling, according to a report by the Food Safety Authority of Australia.

Here’s what you need to know.


What are faecic-level standards?

The standards aim to minimise the risk of faecalis contamination, and prevent the spread of faac bacteria in food.

They aim to be achieved by following strict protocols, testing and using strict food safety measures.

1:00 How faecile bacteria can cause food poisoning?

Faecal bacteria are microscopic creatures that live in the faecus of the intestines.

They are normally harmless to humans, but can cause serious illnesses if ingested or inhaled.

They can also be spread through contact with raw or undercooked food, by contact with surfaces contaminated with feces, or through contact surfaces that have been in contact with faaccum and other bacteria.

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