When it rains it pours

The water that flows down the drain at the waterworks is a key indicator of rainfall.

When it rained in Bengaluru, the water in the pipes was far higher.

The problem with rainwater is that it is not very efficient.

When rainfall drops, it is usually not as efficient as water flowing down the pipe.

To solve this problem, Bengaluru Municipal Corporation has come up with a solution.

The water is pumped down the pipes at a pressure of 6.5 mbar, which means that a drop of the water from a 10 metre pipe can reach an average of a metre below ground level.

The water from the city’s water works is collected at the bottom of the river and pumped into the city.

The water then flows to the city through the city sewer system, where it is then pumped out of the city into the sea.

The new system has reduced the number of people who live below the water table by a third, said Pramod Kumar, managing director, Water and Sewage department.

At present, the city gets about 1,000 tonnes of water a day.

The new system, however, will help the city to meet the demand for drinking water, he said.

This article has been updated with more information about the Bengaluru Waterworks.