New Android Wear devices coming soon?

Posted August 28, 2018 09:01:50New Android Wear smartwatches are coming to the US, and they’re expected to be available to consumers soon.

Android Wear is one of the most anticipated devices of the next year, and the devices are expected to come to markets like the US and UK this fall.

We got an exclusive sneak peek at some of the upcoming Android Wear watches to be released this fall, and we also got a look at some other wearable devices that were released in 2017, and how they’ve evolved over time.

Android’s first wearable device was the Google Glass smartwatch, which launched in 2016 and had a small following of those interested in wearable tech.

We first saw the GoogleGlass in action back in 2017 when Google Glass was still a prototype.

Google Glass was a fun time, and it was the first wearable with a touchscreen display, but it was eventually replaced by the Google Assistant, which is the current face of Google Glass.

Google Glass had its moments of brilliance, but Google’s smartwatch has the most recent iteration of Google’s wearable technology.

The Google Glass is expected to feature a new screen that has a touchscreen, a new battery and new Google Assistant features.

Google’s wearable devices are designed to be simple, but they’re also designed to allow users to interact with their devices through voice commands.

Google’s first Android Wear device was called the Google Voice Speaker.

This speaker had a large touchscreen display and a very simple interface.

The main features of the GoogleVoice speaker were voice commands, a voice search, and voice input for gestures.

Google made some other changes to the GoogleTalk interface.

In 2016, Google introduced a new interface for Google Talk, and this new interface featured the new Google Voice Search feature.

GoogleTalk also featured a new app, Google Now, which allowed users to get the latest news and weather from Google.

Google added the ability for users to access Gmail and Google+ through Google Talk.

Google also added Google+ for Gmail and Gmail for Google Plus.

Google+ added the Google Now functionality for Gmail, Gmail for Gmail for Now, and Google Plus for Gmail.

Google has always made its smartwars with smartwatch features, and its latest smartwatch is likely to be one of its most popular devices.

The new Google Watch is expected later this year, but for now, it will be available for pre-order for $349.