Poker Poker website resumes for August 3

PokerStars has announced that its poker-focused portfolio site will return to its normal business model after the August 3 holiday.

The news comes a day after the site announced that it was shut down.

PokerStars is a US-based online poker website.

The news comes as PokerStars announced last week that it had reached an agreement with a former employee to allow her to return to the site as an administrator.

This is the second time the company has shut down a site after reaching an agreement.

The site’s former administrator, Samantha Lohr, was fired in April 2016.

The former administrator has been with the company since January 2016.

Last year, PokerStars shut down all its poker programs after failing to find a buyer for its business.

PokerBlox, a US online poker company, was also shut down in 2017, with its owner, Jason Wertheimer, later taking the site’s name.

Lohr had previously expressed concern about the future of the poker industry and said that the shutdown of PokerStars was “unprecedented”.