Alex Calc’s resume looks good in Coundriotis

Alex Calgidriotias portfolio includes a portfolio of local business and a portfolio for investors looking for a solid investment in the local business.

“It’s all about the business,” Calc said.

“It’s the people, the culture, the community.

And that’s what I’m all about.”

Calc said he decided to start Coundootis to help his family.

He and his wife were both on food stamps and had to start the business because their children were struggling with food insecurity.

They were working two jobs and needed money.

Calc has a full-time job as a truck driver.

He said the local food pantry has helped him find jobs that pay well.

“They put me in a position where I can really afford to live and pay the bills,” he said.

The company started in a garage, and Calc and his brother have been working at it full time since he bought it.

He said he hopes to hire a few more people as he moves into the business and has plans for a second location in the future.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to get it into a place where people can really rely on it,” he explained.

Calc hopes to eventually open a store in the greater Atlanta area, but he’s not sure how long that might take.

He’s still looking for investors to back the business, and said he has been contacted by some investors who are interested.

If you want to see more from Alex Calca’s resume, click here to see his resume from the Coundiotiastis website.