How to get a high-tech job with Chipotle

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Chipotle is looking to hire hundreds of high-end software engineers.

The Wall Street, New York-based fast-food chain is also reportedly in talks with a technology firm to help build out its new online ordering system.

The WSJ says the hiring comes as Chipotle prepares to launch its new mobile ordering app, and with a high number of workers on the payroll.

It says the chipotle team will focus on technology and technology-related work.

Chipotle is seeking high-level talent with a background in technology, robotics, robotics engineering, and machine learning.

It is looking for candidates with strong technical skills, experience building software applications, and an interest in the software development process.

In recent months, Chipotle has been busy ramping up its technology in preparation for a major expansion.

It will add a third full-service restaurant in Atlanta, and expand its mobile ordering service in several cities in the U.S.

The company is also building out its robotics team, and will reportedly hire an additional 25 people this year.