Which of these can you see on the horizon?

FourFourSeconds ago, the UK’s Telegraph and the BBC launched their first-ever sports podcast.

In an exclusive interview with our partner Sport, we asked the BBC’s sports reporter Chris Bevan about the future of the sports podcast, the future that is coming in the form of the BBC Sport Podcasts app and whether sports fans can now watch podcasts on their mobile devices.

Bevan is not the only one looking at the future for the BBC Podcasts.

The BBC is also exploring ways to make podcasts available to sports fans on mobile devices as part of its upcoming Sport for Life initiative.

This initiative will also include a number of other sports content including live-streamed sports highlights.

Bevin also discussed the future development of the Sports Pod, which he described as an extension of the existing Sport for Kids and the Sport for Work programmes.

“We have a number podcasts we’ve done on the sport side of things, but what we’ve really been looking at is putting together a podcast that would work on a range of platforms,” he explained.

“One of the key features of Sport for People is the Sportspod, which is sort of a hybrid between Sport for Children and Sport for Families.

It’s really a place for people to go, and we’ve had a really strong response, and it’s a good opportunity for us to work with other broadcasters to see what can be done in a similar way.”

The BBC Sport Pod is a free, cross-platform podcast.

It can be downloaded from the BBC App Store and on iOS devices and Android devices.

The podcast will also be available on the BBC Sports app on Windows and Mac.

Bevan said the BBC is still working on the app and will be launching it in the coming months.

The BBC is currently looking to launch the app on iOS and Android in the next few months.

We’ll be able to provide you with an update when we know more about the launch.