The Next 100 Years of Jobs report: Who’s in and who’s out?

Recode has released its annual jobs report, and it’s not good.

The news is that only 17.5% of the U.S. workforce is new job seekers.

And the top 10% of job seekers earn just 7.4% of those new job offers.

We’ve talked about how the U,S.

has a problem with job seekers and how to get more of them in the workplace.

And that’s not just a problem for the US. but a problem around the world.

New hires have a higher chance of having negative attitudes toward their employers, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.

“The biggest problem that employers face with job candidates is a lack of communication, and there is a lot of frustration in our culture about that,” Pew’s senior research associate and lead author, Daniel Matson, said in a statement.

“Our research suggests that many of these frustrations stem from perceptions that new hires are not working hard enough.

The lack of progress on this front is making it harder for companies to recruit, retain, and promote new hires.

That has a big impact on the quality of their work.”

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How can you get ahead?

The U.K. and France rank as the two countries that hire the most new hires annually, and the U