Poker tournament to take place in the Philippines on October 16th

Poker tournament will take place on October 15, according to sources close to the tournament.

The event will be held in the capital Manila, but the details have yet to be revealed.

The Philippines has a strong poker scene and will be hosting the first Pinnacle Challenge in the country.

The Pinnacle Challenges will feature the best players in the world playing online, using the Pinnacle Poker App.

The Philippines has been one of the most popular poker regions in the region and it has been home to many players in recent years.

The poker world is expected to be buzzing around this event, as the tournament is expected be one of many events that will take places around the country in the coming weeks.

Poker players will also be able to see some of the top players from the region at the event.

The players will be playing at the PNL, a poker tournament in the US, and the players will get to play for cash prizes as well.

The tournament will be played on October 17, with the prize pot for the event set at $50,000.

Pinnacle Challenge will be the first event of its kind in the Philippine region, and will help fill the void left by the recent demise of the world’s largest poker tournament, the PPP World Championship.

In September, Pinnacle Gaming was forced to pull out of the PPL after PPP CEO Mark Hallett announced that he would not be returning to the company for the next season.