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The National Weather Service is urging people in the Southwestern United States to avoid driving on icy roads.

The warning comes amid widespread reports of drivers getting stuck in ice, and with temperatures in some areas already above freezing.

The National Weather Agency said Wednesday it’s working to get drivers out of icy roads and icy conditions, and advises people to avoid ice-covered roads and roads with icy roads as well as those with icy conditions.

“If you’re driving on an icy road or icy roadways, take extra care and don’t drive in snow,” the agency said in a statement.

The agency said the cold weather also is affecting snowplows, and the agency urged drivers to be cautious if they need to make a snow plow.

Drivers can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) toll-free at 1-888-327-4236.

In some parts of the state, roads are closed or will be closed to snowplow operators due to ice conditions, the NHTSA said.

In the South, authorities are advising people to stay home and stay off the roads, NHTS said.

Authorities have said the worst of the ice conditions in the region is over, but they continue to monitor the situation.

Authorities said that some of the icy roads are not covered with snow but are coated with ice and snow.

Snow conditions in southern Colorado have eased significantly over the last couple of days, and snow levels are expected to continue to rise as temperatures rise.

Snow is also expected to remain a problem in southern Utah, Wyoming, and parts of Colorado.

In addition to snow and ice conditions affecting the south, the agency is warning that the cold, windy weather could be the culprit behind a series of high temperatures in the area.

Some of the conditions could result in road closures or other closures to traffic as the cold and windy conditions continue to cause damage, the weather service said.

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