Why is Barack Obama so unpopular?

The Obama administration has lost the public’s trust and is not popular with many Americans.

Some people are upset that they have not been able to implement the policies of the Obama administration.

The American People are angry at the Obama Administration for not doing enough to make the economy grow.

Many Americans are angry with the lack of progress made in making the country safer, and the Obama policies that hurt our economy.

Obama has failed to put the economy back on track and the country back on the right track.

Many of these issues have led to a large segment of Americans becoming more angry and distrustful of the government and the federal government.

The following are some of the key reasons why the public distrusts the Obama presidency.1.

The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Reform The Affordable Healthcare Act has been a big success for many Americans and it has helped create jobs, increased the standard of living, and increased the income of many Americans as a whole.

The ACA has helped millions of Americans to get health insurance and save money.

But many Americans still do not have health insurance.

Many people have seen their premiums increase or they have seen some deductibles increase.

These increases are caused by the law because the law was designed to give health insurance companies the flexibility to adjust rates based on a patient’s income.

In the first year of the ACA, the average annual increase in premiums was only about 1 percent.2.

The War on Drugs The War On Drugs has also been a major success for the United States.

It has helped many Americans to reduce the amount of drug use and reduce the number of people who die from drug overdoses.

The drugs have been proven to be less harmful to the body and the public health and have saved lives.3.

The Financial Crisis of 2008-2009 The financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 caused the economy to contract, and many Americans lost their jobs.

This caused a lot of people to lose faith in the American government and its ability to manage the economy.4.

The Iraq War The war in Iraq has also hurt Americans greatly.

The war cost billions of dollars, and now, people are not happy with the administration’s response to the crisis.

The administration has not been doing enough for people who have been displaced by the war and for families who lost loved ones to the war.

The Obama Administration has not done enough to help those people or to help the American people rebuild from the devastating economic impact of the war, and it is not helping the people who are most at risk from the war to rebuild their lives.5.

The Patriot Act and the National Security Agency The Patriot and National Security Agencies have been a huge success for both the United Kingdom and the United State.

The two countries have had a strong relationship since the early days of the Cold War, and both countries were at the forefront of fighting the Soviet Union.

But the United Nations Security Council voted to suspend the United Kingdom’s recognition of Israel.

This was a huge blow to both countries and to the United Nation.

The United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the European Union and to join the European Economic Community.

The European Union is a free trade zone in which all nations can enter and operate freely.

The NSA is also the most powerful spy agency in the world and is involved in spying on foreign leaders and individuals.6.

The Iran Nuclear Deal The Iran nuclear deal is one of the biggest failures of the Bush administration.

In 2012, the United Arab Emirates announced that they would not be signing the deal because of its nuclear weapons program.

The U.S. had previously agreed to sign the deal in 2012 because of the threat of a nuclear Iran, but the agreement did not go into effect until the summer of 2015.

The Iranian nuclear program has been an issue for many American voters and many people were upset with the Bush Administration for signing the agreement and not implementing the deal more strongly.

This has hurt Americans as well as the Middle East.7.

The Drug War and the War on Terror The War in Afghanistan has also damaged Americans and our relationship with our allies and partners.

The drug war has had a huge impact on Americans as they are not allowed to use drugs or marijuana, but they are still treated differently by the government.

Many voters do not trust the administration and have lost faith in it.8.

The IRS and the IRS Refunds The Internal Revenue Service is one the biggest problems that the American taxpayer faces.

The tax agency has been the target of a lot and has also taken advantage of Americans by charging them tax for things that they should not have been charged.

The government has used the tax agency to increase its revenue and the amount it collects from Americans has increased substantially.

The amount of money that the government has taken from Americans is also growing by the day.9.

The Guantanamo Bay Prison and the Anti-War Movement The war on terror has also had a big impact on the American public.

The Bush Administration has allowed the United states to use Guantanamo Bay prison and other U. S. military facilities for indefinite detention without charges.

The president