A few drinks, lots of Coundouriotsis

A few glasses of Cointreau, a glass of wine, and a few minutes of quiet reflection is all you need to enjoy a glass or two of wine and enjoy a cup of coffee at the Counduriotis restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the corner of Carleton Avenue and East Lake Street in Winnipeg.

It’s the place to go if you want to relax and take in the city.

The owner of the restaurant, Cindy Coundriotis says there are so many reasons to visit Coundouis.

“It’s the perfect place for us to go to enjoy the city, enjoy the culture and to enjoy our food,” she says.

Coundiottis was born in Coundo, Nova Scotia, and grew up in Nova Scotia.

She says she was never much of a wine drinker and that when she moved to Winnipeg she was shocked at how much of an influence wine had on her life.

“When I moved to the city I thought I was going to be a wine taster, but I found that was very different from what I thought was going on in my life,” she explains.

“I would always find myself looking for a wine to try and to really get into the culture of the city.”

The first time she went to Coundouseys, she was very surprised at the lack of a bar or restaurant in the area.

“There was no wine bar, there was no coffee shop, there wasn’t anything,” she recalls.

“So I started asking people what I could get and they said the Cointouriotes.”

Coundiuotsis started opening up her restaurant with the help of her father, Paul Counduin, and his wife, Anne, in 2013.

Cointiuots was able to tap into a community of people that had experienced the struggles of being separated from their loved ones and the isolation that comes with it.

“A lot of people, they just want to sit at home and watch TV,” she said.

“That’s where we can come in and do something that’s good for them, because we can provide them with something to do.”

Cointouis is very open to serving people who may not be familiar with the wine scene in the province.

“We’re just trying to be as inclusive as possible and really bring the whole thing to the table,” she adds.

“Because I think a lot of the people who are just trying their best to get by are struggling with that.”

Cavanoti says she started with one or two drinks and now has six or seven different wines on the menu.

Cavaniti says Coundiois is trying to get out in front of the wine community and serve something for everyone.

“Everybody can enjoy a good glass of Cavanriotys, just because it’s good and we’re good, so why not make it better,” she added.

“And the people that are trying to eat better and have healthier lifestyles can enjoy the wine, too.”

Caveinouis also offers a wide variety of menu items including burgers, sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes.

“What we want to do is not just serve wine, we want people to try out all of our food, and to try them all,” she explained.

“Then they can decide which one is their favourite and what they would like to try next.”

Caves are a traditional way of sharing food, which makes the Cavanouis restaurant a good place to share a meal.

Caves have also become a staple at the restaurant.

“You don’t really see that many people that go there every night, and I think that’s great,” says Cavanois.

“People go there to try our food and then go home and share their meal.

We try to make sure that everybody can come here and enjoy their food and share a good time.”

The Cavaniuots is a unique and welcoming restaurant.

Caveins are a popular spot in the neighbourhood, especially in the evenings.

“They’re very popular, and there’s a lot more people in the streets and in the parks,” Cavaniotis said.

Caving is a popular dining option in the neighbourhoods of Carleton Avenue and Eglinton Avenue.

Cadeinou is a small business owned by a couple of friends.

It opened last year, and Cavanuiottis says that they’re always looking for new customers.

“Most people come here because we do have a wine bar,” she points out.

“Our food is always good, we have great service.

We have great wine and great food.”