How do you create a pocket?

A few months ago, I posted a piece about a man in a Hawaiian shirt and Hawaiian shorts who decided to make a pocket out of the toilet paper in his pants.

He called it “The Coundophane.”

I didn’t know it was a thing until someone else pointed out it on Twitter.

So it turns out that the pocket is a bit of a craze in Hawaiian culture.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that people in Hawaii are using it as a way to make the most of the natural material they have in their pockets, something that’s been known for thousands of years.

I first encountered the Coundo during a trip to Hawaii, when I happened upon a small shop that sold pocket linens made from the dried feces of a cow and used to clean the toilets of a rural village.

The Coundoi was not made of a specific material but rather a combination of bamboo and cotton.

In a shop on a road outside Waikiki, a couple of locals were making a pocket that would hang on a hook to a tree to keep it from falling into the road.

They then took the material to a local composting center and made a little pocket out the inside of the tree.

The pocket is so well-crafted that it can be worn on a belt, or hung on a string and used as a pocket watch.

It’s an interesting project, especially since the pocket isn’t just a decoration.

It makes a statement about who you are and what you care about.

People who have a history of being humble are often drawn to it.

I’ve had a few people who have come in and asked for a pocket made of something different, something with an edge or something that will make them stand out.

The way it is made is just one of those moments that is like, “This is not my pocket.”

I also noticed that people would often ask me to make something that would be made from a piece of cloth or a piece that was folded up and cut to fit in the pocket.

These are not the only pockets made with bamboo or cotton.

A man in Hawaii was also making a Coundō, which he made from cotton and bamboo.

These pockets are really special.

The cotton and the bamboo both have a nice texture to them.

They’re soft and they feel nice.

I can’t imagine people would wear them for anything else, especially on their back or neck.

I also discovered that the Counds were not just for personal use.

In the past, there was an article about how the people of Hawaii would go out of their way to honor and respect their elders.

I saw a story where a guy was walking along a trail in the woods and stopped and asked his wife to make him a COUNDO, because he knew she would make him one.

She told him, “You’re welcome to make one.

I have a feeling it will be a big hit.”

So, when someone asks you to make them, make them.

It can be a fun way to show appreciation for your elders.

You can also take advantage of the coundō and other unique objects made of cactus.

You could hang a Cundō on a tree and wear it as part of a necklace, or use it to make an accessory for your pocket watch, for instance.

It all comes back to making connections with people in your community.

In Honolulu, I was surprised that there were so many people who were willing to make Coundosts for their friends, especially if they knew someone who might be visiting.

There was a lady who had made a Cauldron, a bamboo cauldron with a cactus inside.

I told her that if I made one for her, I would make a Counds pocket watch out of it.

She said, “Great, thanks!”

So I put one on her wrist, and I also got her to make me one.

People were so supportive, and when they saw that I had a cauldron made of bamboo, they were like, what?

It was made from something that they have used for centuries, so I figured they would appreciate it even more.

I even received a phone call from a man from South Africa who had gotten a coundo for his cousin, who had a cousin who had lost his mother to a stroke.

I said, well, I’ve got a friend from the village who has an older cousin who lost his mom.

He said, yeah, that sounds pretty cool.

And I just had to go on and tell the story.

If you are a Hawaiian or an international traveler, I strongly recommend you do a trip with your family.

This is a wonderful way to get to know your people, and if you get a chance to make these Coundos, make one for your own pocket.

They are simple and cute, and you can use them for any occasion.

I am sure the Cauldron would be a great addition to any pocket watch or necklace