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Alex, an Australian poker player, has resumed his job at a coffee shop in Melbourne’s CBD, a year after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Mr Cameron said the news of Mr Cameron’s return to work had been “devastating” and that his “heart has been broken” by the loss of his career.

Alex Cameron, a poker player who played professionally for many years, has returned to work after cancer.

Photo: Supplied “It’s been a rollercoaster ride.

It’s been incredible,” Mr Cameron told the ABC’s AM program.

“I was so excited to come back.

In the last two months, my heart has been really broken and I’m still in denial about it.”

Mr Cameron played professional poker for years, before quitting in 2007.

He said he hoped to return to the game soon.

But the cancer was diagnosed in October, when he was 26, and he was only told about the illness when a letter arrived in the mail.

Mr Camberley said he had been struggling with his health for about a year.

Since then, he had stopped drinking alcohol, stopped working and had tried to work as a courier for the first time in 20 years.

The 36-year-old said he was “hopeful” that he would return to playing poker.

As the clock ticked down, Mr Cameron was unable to take a job.

However, the cancer came back in November and he said he feared he would be “out of business”.

“When the cancer returns, I’m going to have to consider that,” Mr Camberly said.

Despite the setback, Mr Cammerley said it was “very hard to look at the past and think it’s over” and the cancer had “taken a toll”.

He had been working on a film project with his partner for several months, and the couple were “relieved” by news of his return.

”I’m still hopeful that we’re going to see some more of Alex in the future,” Mr Campbell said.”

I think that he’s a lovely man and I think that the cancer has taken a toll on him.

It’s a very hard time for him, a tough time for his family and the family of his wife.

“Alex Campbell said his return to poker was bittersweet.

Poker has been his life since 2007.

Photo : Supplied He said he could not begin to imagine playing in the professional game again.

‘It’s just a matter of time’ Alex Campbell said he still hoped to play in the Professional Gaming Arena (PGA) when it opens next year.

But he had not played in a professional poker tournament since his early 20s.

Dr Campbell said it could take several years before poker’s game of “the long game” would return.”

We’ve had an excellent year,” Dr Campbell said, before describing Mr Cameron as “a very dedicated and good man”.

The Cancer Council said poker had been the lifeblood of the poker industry in Australia.

A spokesman said the association was “in the process of reviewing the professional gaming industry in Victoria and beyond” to ensure it was in line with its Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.