Alex Coundouriota: ‘I’ve done it all before’ after returning to WWE

Alex Counds, a former WWE wrestler and former “American Idol” contestant, announced Wednesday that he has returned to the company he joined in 2015.

Counds, who is a co-founder of the team called “The Team,” is a former NXT champion and the winner of a WWE championship match against Daniel Bryan in January.

He said he plans to make an announcement on Thursday.

“I’m super excited and grateful to be here, and I’m excited to be back,” Counds said in a statement.

“I’ve worked in this business for 13 years and I’ve never had a team like this before.

I’m really excited to continue the journey that I’ve been on since I joined NXT.”

The former NXT champ said he hopes to return to WWE soon, and he said the WWE and the talent he has worked with will make him the “next great WWE wrestler.”

“I think the WWE will have a lot of fun with me coming back and I think they’ll be proud of me,” Coundou said.

“My biggest goal is to be a star in this company and to be an icon and an ambassador.

I feel like I’m making that dream a reality.”

Coundou is the fourth former NXT star to announce his retirement.

He is the second NXT champion, joining former NXT wrestler Finn Balor, and is the first to join the company in 2016.

He had a run in NXT during 2016, but was forced out after being found to have a substance abuse problem.

Coundour’s announcement comes as the company continues to try to rebuild its roster after the departure of longtime stars like Finn Balors and Dolph Ziggler.

He announced his retirement in an interview with USA TODAY Sports, saying he wants to “start fresh.”