NFL resumes hiring of new VP for social media

The NFL announced Tuesday it will hire a new Vice President for Social Media for a $10 million contract beginning this fall.

The position, which is expected to take effect in December, will be responsible for social and mobile marketing and digital content.

The move follows a $100 million contract signed last year by NFL Network president of content Chris Mortensen, which included $100,000 in compensation.

He’s expected to be joined by executive producer Mark Davis and digital marketing manager Matt Moeser.

The new VP will oversee all content across all platforms including social and video.

He will also oversee the NFL’s global content operations, digital strategy, and digital partnerships, and oversee digital development across all NFL platforms.

“The new position will be the third in-house VP position in the NFL,” NFL VP of Media Strategy Jim Langer said in a statement.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to further grow our social media capabilities and expand the reach of our content.

We are extremely excited to welcome Mark Davis, Mark Davis’ first in-depth digital and social responsibilities as the new VP.”NFL VP of Communications Chris Mortenson was joined by Matt Momsen, senior digital strategist for the NFL Network, as part of the announcement.

Momsen is responsible for overseeing all digital content and social, video and social platforms, and is also responsible for all digital marketing initiatives.

Moeser, who was named NFL VP Content Strategy and Executive Producer in July, will oversee digital content across the NFL, NFL Network and and is expected for his first major role.

The announcement comes as the NFL continues to be an active player in social media.

In November, the league announced it had reached a $500 million agreement with Yahoo that will allow it to expand its mobile strategy and reach an additional 1 billion people in 50 countries.