How many rookies are on the verge of being signed? – NFL Nation

The Los Angeles Rams will likely sign one rookie or two to be the starting quarterback in the 2017 season.

The Rams are expected to sign either a backup or starter in the rookie class.

The team already has one quarterback under contract in Jared Goff, who will be the No. 2 quarterback for the team for at least one season.

With Goff entering the final year of his contract, the Rams could sign another quarterback if the team wants to go to the draft later this month.

The Rams are not expected to go with Goff, however, because they don’t want to waste the draft pick on Goff.

With the team already planning for Goff to start for at most two more seasons, the team could decide to wait until 2018 to sign another rookie to compete for the starting job.

The next time the Rams have a rookie quarterback on the roster, they’ll be able to move on to the next season.

If the Rams were to sign a rookie, they would likely sign a quarterback with a proven track record.

They would likely try to sign one of the best prospects in the draft, like Ohio State’s Carson Wentz.

But if they are able to draft a quarterback, they’d probably want to give it another shot.

The other possibility is that the team decides to go after a quarterback on draft day.

That player might not be able work out and still be worth signing.

But it might be worth a shot if he’s a potential franchise quarterback.

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