When it comes to mobile apps, the best apps for Google Now, Apple Pay, and a variety of other services

The Android ecosystem has been under attack for years, and it appears that Google Now has been getting some of the bad press.

Last month, Google announced that its voice-activated assistant would be getting a new feature called “drinkable” in its app store.

Now, a new report claims that this feature is actually a pre-release beta version of the feature, which will roll out over time.

Google Now is not a feature that’s coming to the Google Play Store for a long time, and that could be a sign that the company is getting ready to roll it out in the coming months.

The Google Now app has always been designed for mobile devices, but the feature is set to be a major feature in the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

This is the third Android Oreo beta that Google has launched this year, with the company also releasing a beta for its new Pixel phones and the Pixel XL earlier this year.

Google has been busy testing its voice assistants with a variety the features of its voice assistant apps.

The new feature will allow Google Now to serve ads for its own services, such as Google Maps, search, and other apps.

That’s a great feature for Google to have available to its voice service, which is still a relatively niche part of the Android ecosystem.

However, the company has yet to release a Google Now beta for the Apple Pay app.

It was rumored that Google would start testing Apple Pay on the Google Assistant app in the future, but Apple is yet to officially release an Apple Pay update.

Apple Pay was launched as an official app for Apple devices back in March, but Google has not announced a release date for the feature yet.

Google’s latest Android Oreos beta also includes the new “drinking” feature, with users being able to use the new feature to tell Google Now when they’ve had too much to drink.

This feature is a prerelease version of what will eventually become a full-fledged feature for the Google Now service.

We’ll have more details on Google Now in the days ahead.