How the world’s largest company is betting on artificial intelligence to help it save the world

It’s not just chips and soda: Google is betting big on artificial-intelligence technology to help the company save the planet.

The company announced its $6 billion acquisition of chipmaker Qualcomm in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Qualcomm is based in California.

The chipmaker will create artificial intelligence and deep learning software that Google will be able to use to help develop new applications and improve the way it works with other companies, Google said in its filing with regulators.

The deal is a major boon for Google, which has spent the last decade fighting to stay relevant in a rapidly changing tech industry.

Its core search engine, Google News, is the top search engine in the world, and its services for YouTube and Android TV offer some of the most popular video streaming services.

In 2016, Google reported its biggest year ever in revenue.

It generated $19.6 billion in sales, up 10.5% from 2015.

But it’s not the only company working on artificial learning.

Apple, which is also looking to invest in artificial-learning startups, announced last month it will create a deep learning group at the company to focus on artificial cognition.