Calc is back for the 2019 season

Drink Calc, the company that makes the caffeinated beverage called caffeine, has returned to the gridiron this year.

The team at the company announced Friday that the New York Jets will be using the caffeinator for their home games this season.

Calc had been on hiatus since April 2016 when the Jets were forced to cancel games due to an issue with the product.

The company also announced it would be partnering with a company called The Cure Labs that makes its own capsule called Cure.

The Cure is a carbonated drink that’s a bit more energy-rich than the caffeination capsules and it can be purchased in the team’s store. 

“We are extremely excited to return to the NFL with Cure,” Calc founder and CEO Robert Kavanagh said in a statement.

“The Cure Labs is a pioneer in the carbonated beverage industry and we are proud to work with the Jets and the NFL on this new partnership.”

The Cure Capsule will be available in the Jets’ store starting in early September, according to the team.