Why are we talking about a new era in the American economy?

The new normal is an exciting one.

It is not only a new beginning but also a new possibility.

The economy is not just growing again but is growing at an average rate of more than 2% per year.

It has never been worse.

In fact, it is already in the best economic times in the United States in years.

But, we are not seeing the jobs and wages we have been promised.

The truth is, we have lost them all.

We have lost our factories and our manufacturing.

The jobs that once were are not being replaced.

We are losing them all to robots and artificial intelligence.

We will lose our manufacturing to robots that will be more intelligent than our own.

And we will lose the manufacturing jobs to machines that will replace us.

This is the new normal.

As I have said many times, this is the American Dream.

And I know that it is for many Americans a reality.

It will be hard for some of us to see it coming.

But we are here to tell you that we are in for a new day and we are prepared to fight for it.

That is why I have announced that in the next three weeks, I am asking Congress to enact the Manufacturing Jobs Act of 2017, which would provide additional incentives to encourage companies to create American jobs, to create high-wage, high-skill jobs, and to provide a path to permanent new jobs in manufacturing.

I also want Congress to help ensure that new technologies and new products will be built in our country and that we do not lose our global competitiveness.

The American Dream is alive and well in America.

We should be proud of it.

The challenge of rebuilding this dream is what I call the Dream Pipeline.

It starts with the dreamers.

We must also give a boost to the dream makers.

If you are an American who has dreams and who is inspired by the American dream, it means you are not alone.

The dreamers and the dreammakers are the future of America.

They are the most innovative people in our history.

They have a vision for our country.

They know how to lead and create a strong and prosperous country.

I will work with Congress to make sure that our dreamers have a fair shot at a fair chance at the American Job.

And finally, I will ensure that the dream workers have a better future.

It means that we can create jobs, grow our economy, and provide opportunity for all Americans.

And that is why we have announced the creation of the American Jobs Corps, which will train thousands of dreamers to fill the jobs in our economy that are lost to automation.

This American Dream can be sustained, and the American people will be proud to have it.

This new American Dream will give every American hope and help lift them out of poverty.

This Dream Pipeline is about what the American families are doing.

It’s about what they are fighting for.

It includes not just our children but our future generations.

The Dream Pipeline will also include the millions of young Americans who have never had a chance to earn a college degree.

I have pledged to do everything in my power to ensure that young Americans can attend college, find a good job, and get a good education.

The President has been very clear that he wants the Dreamer Dream to be a reality for all of America, but he has also made clear that we must do everything possible to make college affordable.

The Promise I Made I am the only one who can make this Dream a reality, to provide an opportunity for every American to go to college and get the education they deserve, and I want to make that happen.

But I have made it clear that it won’t happen unless I put forth an agenda that provides real tax relief, an infrastructure package, a tax relief package that provides more tax relief to small businesses and small business owners, and a jobs package that will grow our industries.

That means that I am going to work with Republicans in Congress to get this Dream back on track and to ensure our Dreamers have the opportunities they deserve.

That’s why I’ve called on Congress to pass legislation that includes tax relief for all Dreamers and provides tax relief and relief to American workers.

The next priority will be helping American businesses to grow, expand, and create jobs.

I want them to know that I’m going to do my part to make it happen.

I know this is going to take time, but I am committed to helping American business thrive, and that means taking steps to make this American Dream come true.

I am also going to put forth a new agenda to ensure we are helping American workers get the skills and education they need to compete with the world.

We need to make education a priority.

This agenda will give young people the skills they need so that they can succeed in the world of work and in the economy.

It also will help American businesses and American workers by creating jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure, creating new industries and bringing back jobs that were lost in the recession and the Great Recession.