‘HTC One X’ to get a few major Android updates as well as a new keyboard

HTC OneX owners will be able to get the software update for their handset today, and the update for Pocket Edition is getting some major updates as the device moves into the Android O developer preview.

The HTC One X and Pocket Edition are now listed on Google Play for the HTC One, and they will both get the update, as well.

The update for the Pocket Edition will add a new default keyboard and other tweaks, and it also includes a few minor fixes, including a bug that could cause Pocket Edition to crash.

The Pocket Edition update will also bring the ability to set a custom wallpaper to display when the phone is locked, as previously, it was not possible to do.

The Google Play listing for the update says that the update is rolling out in phases, so stay tuned to Google for more details.

The updated Android O SDK 4.2 update is set to roll out today, as it does with the other updates.

HTC’s Pixel and HTC One smartphones have already received a few updates since Google first announced Android O last fall, including the Android Nougat update and the Android Marshmallow update, which included an updated Google Play app.

Android O is expected to be released on October 29.