What happens when a man with a penis tries to make an animated film about his life?

The makers of the hit animated film The Peanuts Movie were recently sued by the owner of the Peanuts Cafe in New York City, who wants his money back. 

The Peanuts Café sued for breach of contract and breach of implied warranty of merchantability, and the suit alleges that the Peanut Butter Cup, owned by David Peanuts, breached its agreement to pay a $10,000 deposit to the Peans for the use of the film’s name and logo.

The Peanut butter cup was created by the Peaches in 1963, and was purchased by David’s family in 1985. 

In a statement, the Peabots said that they were saddened to learn of the lawsuit, and that they will vigorously defend against it.

The film is about the Peapods, the family-owned chain of small-town bakeries and the neighborhood’s favorite treat.

David Peanut, the film star who played the titular Peanuts character, had been a longtime Peanuts fan since he was a child.

In 2013, the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a class action lawsuit against the Peases for breach on behalf of a class of people who say they have been unable to purchase the film because they have never received a refund from the Peens for their contributions.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages for emotional distress, loss of earning capacity, loss in income, and loss of earnings and profits.

They are also seeking compensatory damages and attorneys’ fees.

The complaint does not specifically say that the film violates the Peasons’ contract.