Why poker is the best game for the masses

More people are playing poker, a trend that could be the beginning of a shift away from traditional sports betting.

The most popular game in the U.S. today is poker, according to the online poker site MTGOTraders.com, which tracks the number of online poker players and their average payouts.

The game’s popularity has been driven by an increase in online gambling as well as the popularity of sports betting, including the NFL, NBA and NHL.

In its most recent earnings report, the National Basketball Association, the NBA, NHL and NFLPA all reported an increase of at least 5.4% in revenues for the third quarter of 2017, according a statement from the league.

The NBA’s total revenue rose $1.4 billion to $7.8 billion.

“The number of players who have become avid poker players in the last year alone has exploded,” said Matthew Barlow, CEO of MTGotraders, the online gaming company.

“We think that’s been driven in large part by the rise of online betting.”

That trend is not limited to poker.

The Associated Press reported last month that there were 5.5 million online poker machines in the United States, up from 3.7 million at the beginning and from 2.3 million in 2015.

That is about double the number in 2015 and far more than in the five previous years.

The AP reported that online poker has increased its share of the U