NHL players celebrate in New York

WASHINGTON (AP) For some, it’s about a little fun.

For others, it can feel like they’re doing something very serious.

The National Hockey League’s Players’ Association is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its first game, and it has made it clear that it won’t be the last.

The NHLPA is hosting a 50th anniversary party Friday night at the U.S. Bank Arena in Philadelphia, and on Saturday the league will hold its 50th Annual General Meeting in Buffalo.

In addition to the anniversary celebration, the NHLPA has expanded its partnership with the National Football League to include a week of community events at its 50-year anniversary game against the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 2 in New Orleans.

The League will also host a special 50th-anniversary party at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 12, with all the proceeds going to help the National Kidney Foundation.

The NBA has also announced a special anniversary party for Nov. 16 at the Garden in New Jersey, featuring music, food and more.