How to use an iPhone and iPad for video games

A smartphone and tablet are now essential tools for gamers, especially when they want to create their own online games and share them with friends.

And they have become a vital part of the experience for a wide swath of new and existing game players.

But how can a gamer play online without using their smartphone and iPad?

That’s what Apple and its developers are trying to tackle with a new set of apps for iOS that use the technology behind the popular iPhone and Android smartphones to deliver the same experience in a more streamlined and simplified way.

Apple, which last month launched an app store that allows users to download and install apps from other developers, announced its latest iOS gaming app in a blog post last week.

The app, called VideoGames for iPad, comes with built-in controls and supports the iOS 9.2.1 update that has made video games faster, more stable, and more accessible to a wider audience.

“VideoGames for iOS delivers the best user experience possible, with simple controls that give you full control of the game and its settings,” the app’s description says.

“No more guessing about what game controls are available, or having to re-start the app to get it all working.”

The app’s developers said they have been working on it for about a year.

The first app is an iPhone-only version that lets users control their own avatar using the camera on their smartphone, a simple feature that could make playing games more appealing.

The new iPad app lets users see the avatar they created in their game and also allows users who have already made an avatar with a game to save and share it with other users.

Apple said it will soon add more game-like features to the iPad app, which will be a big hit among casual gamers.

For instance, users can now also share a photo from their game with friends, and they can also share their game avatar with friends when they log in.

Users can also use the iPad to create new video games, which are now built directly into the game app.

Users will also be able to create multiplayer games and upload them to the video game website, where players can play with each other.

The new app is available on both iOS devices, which have been out of production since the first iPhone and iPhone 2s were released in 2011, and also on the iPad, which is in limited supply.

The iPad is the only major smartphone maker with a video game app, and it’s likely to continue to dominate the video-game market as the popularity of mobile gaming grows.

But while the new video-games app is a big step for video-gaming in the United States, it’s not likely to have a big impact on the rest of the world, analysts say.

“The new iPad apps will likely not have much of a presence in other markets,” said Kevin McConaghy, an analyst with Jefferies.

“This is going to be an important first step in making video games more accessible for a wider swath of users.”

VideoGames will be released on June 26.