Which apps should you use on Android?

In a bid to get more people using Android devices, Google is giving them the option of installing apps that are built in to the operating system.

The announcement comes at the end of Google’s “World Wide Developer Conference” in San Francisco, and Google has been pushing developers to use the platform.

Google has also created an Android Apps Development Kit (ADK), a free tool that lets developers build apps for the platform that run on both Android and Chrome OS.

Google says the SDK is “the fastest, easiest way to get started building apps for Android”.

Developers will be able to create a new app with a simple text editor and start testing it for compatibility.

Android Apps can be downloaded for free, and it has the support of the Google Play Store, but it’s a new experience for users.

Google is currently looking to push more developers to adopt Android and add apps that they would not otherwise have access to, with the hope of making the platform easier for developers to build on.

Google’s AdSense for Android program, which lets users spend a monthly fee on advertisements, will be extended to the ADK.

Google also announced a new Android app marketplace, called Google Play Marketplace, which will let developers create Android apps for free.

Google Play, which is available in more than 20 languages, lets users sell apps for apps, movies and games, among other things.

The platform is currently in beta, and there are still plenty of bugs to iron out.

Google said that while the ADP will allow developers to create apps for Google Play in the future, it is “still too early to say how well it will work”.